Organise fundraising activities for SSDCS

It’s very simple and easy to create your own fundraising page. To do so follow these very simple steps

  1. Have an idea you would like to fundraise about. You could be running the Stafford 10K or a marathon, cycling your first century, completing your first Ironman or setting yourself a key challenge eg. lose weight, walk so many miles in 3 months.
  2. Set up your fundraising page by clicking on the button below:
  1. Under the heading Support Us click the item Start Fundraising
  2. Create a VirginMoneyGiving profile, providing key contact information like name, address, email and a password for your profile.
  3. You will then be asked what your fundraising project is about. So write about the ideas you had above.
  4. Next. Ignore the registered challenges suggested and select the option that says Doing something else?
  5. Choose an event date. If you are doing a multi-day challenge choose the date when you plan to end the challenge.
  6. Next, unless we have agreed to fund some of the costs of your challenge choose No. Then please accept to receive news and information from us.
  7. Finally click the button Create my Page.
  8. Once your page is created – almost instantly – you can add photos, edit information, set a fundraising target, give people some information about yourself and why you are doing the challenge…