Gemma Archer is running the London Marathon

Gemma Archer’s Story

My eldest son Fletcher (almost 14!) was diagnosed deaf at 14months old, with no family history of deafness this came as a complete shock to us. For the last 12 years we have received so much help and support from SSDCS (South Staffs Deaf Children’s Society) through equipment funding, weekends away, many many social events giving Fletcher and many other hearing impaired children the opportunity to mix with other hearing impaired children and the chance for me to chat to other parents of hearing impaired children and so much more.

I was lucky enough to get a ballot place for the marathon for 2019, but with my 4th baby born 17 days before I deferred for 2020! Also now with the current world context of COVID-19 I’ve settled for running in 2021. Training carries on nonetheless.

I’d like to take this wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of SSDCS, the great work all of the volunteers do and raise a bit of money for them along the way!